4 Series I Listened to on Audiobook

Whether you are an avid reader or the “few and far between” type of reader, audiobooks are a great way to devour a book. As I mentioned in my post 10 Tips for Getting Out of a Reading Slump, I love listening to an audiobook when doing things around the house and driving. As a mom, finding time to sit and read is difficult. Audiobooks help me get through some of the most mundane tasks on my list while simultaneously making a dent in my tbr pile. Audiobooks are not for everyone. It’s hard to stay engaged when you don’t like the narrator. I HIGHLY recommend sampling the audiobook’s narration if possible. Also, if you like a narrator for one book series, it does not necessarily mean their voice on a different book will sound good to you. Good narration is subjective!

(Let’s ignore the amount of times I say, “audiobook”, “narration”, and “narrator” in this post.)

How I listen to audiobooks

I am a Kindle Unlimited member on Amazon. Some of these e-books come with free audiobook narration. The audiobook is automatically available for free on Audible.com when you download the e-book. All of the books mentioned below are available on Kindle Unlimited with free Audible narration unless stated otherwise.

1. The Hangman’s Daughter

Goodreads synopsis: Magdalena, the clever and headstrong daughter of Bavarian hangman Jakob Kuisl, lives with her father outside the village walls and is destined to be married off to another hangman’s son—except that the town physician’s son is hopelessly in love with her. And her father’s wisdom and empathy are as unusual as his despised profession. It is 1659, the Thirty Years’ War has finally ended, and there hasn’t been a witchcraft mania in decades. But now, a drowning and gruesomely injured boy, tattooed with the mark of a witch, is pulled from a river and the villagers suspect the local midwife, Martha Stechlin.

The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch was a really fun series to listen to. I loved the era and setting of the books in this series. Currently there are 7 installments in this series, and it’s translated to English from German. I gave this series 4/5 stars.

2. The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

I am currently in the middle of The Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of The Lord of the Rings on audiobook. I listened to The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings) and I enjoyed the narration. Luckily, narration is done by the same person, Rob Inglis, for the entire series. I enjoy an audiobook based the narrator’s ability to show a clear distinction between voices and whether or not I can stay engaged in the book.

I still have to listen to the last two books in the series, but I am fairly confident I will enjoy them as much as the first two.

3. The Bone Season

I’ve talked about by The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon in my January Wrap-Up/February TBR, and I finished The Mime Order and The Song Rising this month. I’ll include mini reviews of those in my February TBR. This series has a lot of characters from different backgrounds, so there were a lot of accents the narrator had to do. I loved the narration for this series once I got into it. I’ll admit took a little time to get used to the narration, but it was worth it.

The Bone Season is on Kindle Unlimited with Audible narration, but I had two free credits on Audible. I used them to buy the other two books in the series.

4. The Hunger Games

Despite popular opinion, The Hunger Games trilogy was not my favorite book series. I don’t know if it was the story or if the narrator just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t going to include it in this list, but I know this is a beloved series (and I might be the only person who didn’t enjoy it). I really wanted to love this one, but the hype may have ruined it. I think I gave it about 3.5/5 stars two years ago when I listened to it. I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself and deciding if you like the audiobooks for this trilogy.

I plan to continue with The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison and explore different genres on Audible this year.

Let me know if there are any audiobooks you recommend!

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