My Bookish F*ck-It List

Disclaimer: If you don’t like strong language, this probably isn’t a post for you. I’ve been told I have a mouth like a sailor. Sometimes there’s no other words that accurately convey what I want to say. Sorry. Not sorry.

Last night I finished Hate Notes by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. After an argument with her boss, Charlotte makes a “fuck-it” list. Her boss, Reed, walks in while she’s writing it and decides to secretly make his own. Eventually, Charlotte finds it and they help each other accomplish the tasks on both. This inspired me to make my own fuck-it list.

What is a Fuck-It List?

These are different than bucket lists in that they aren’t things you really feel HAVE to be done. They are usually ever-growing and more spur of the moment things that you may have been on the fence about or recently decided they weren’t important enough to put a lot of stock into. You know those times where you’re out somewhere and get a random urge to do something crazy? (The scale of crazy is completely subjective since some people are more adventurous than others.) If you never followed through with that urge, it may be lingering in your mind.

That’s where the list comes in.

My Bookish Fuck-It List

I made a long fuck-it list, but I’m only going to share the bookish things.

1. Finish It by Stephen King

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I’m a big, fat p*ssy. I get paranoid watching true crime documentaries and horror movies. I made it about 20 pages into It, and I was DONE. My husband laughs at me because I convince myself I can watch something and end up not sleeping for the following week. This exact thing just happened. We watched The Nun a few days ago, which I deemed not scary. However, being the night owl that I am, I went to bed around 2 AM (hours after him). Once I was snuggled up in the darkness of my room, I proceeded to hear creaking in the house, pounding from our neighbors, and thanks to a particular scene in the movie (which I still think was pretty cool) I imagined a shadow moving on the wall around the room.

The concept of It is so interesting to me, and my husband loves it. I detest clowns, but my curiosity outweighs my mental self-preservation.

2. Start a Booktube Channel

I mean why not?

Fuck-it am I right?

I think it would be fun to dabble in the world of YouTube. I recently made a twitter for the first time ever, so I might as well try YouTube somewhere down the line.

3. Write a Children’s Book

I love reading books to my son, and it would be fun to think of rhymes and puns for kids.

I even got a good chuckle out of my little rhyme in the disclaimer at the beginning of this post. To be honest, I think I’m hilarious. I don’t think my ego could handle it if someone told me I wasn’t. Let me down easy, I beg you.

4. Bookish Tattoos

I’m no stranger to tattoos or piercings, but I’ve been wanting to get at least 6 bookish tattoos for a while now. I am in the process of sketching my own take on the dark mark tattoo from Harry Potter. I also want to get a few more Harry Potter tattoos. I’m not sure of what yet though. Next, is an ACOMAF tattoo (yes, THAT one). I want to get a general bookish tattoo, a Hobbit one, and a faerie-esque tattoo thanks to my love of fae stories.

5. Learn How to Self-Publish

I’m in the process of writing a book. It’ll probably be crap, but who knows. Whether I decide to put it out into the world or not, I still want to learn all there is to know about publishing books.

This is a running list. I am quite sure I’ll be adding to it in the future since I get impulsive and want to do/try EVERYTHING.

Let me know if you’ve made a bucket list, fuck-it list, or both and if you prefer one over the other!


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